Animal Sorting by Habitat Categories Smash Mats

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SKU: MA-animal-sbhcsm

Categorize animals with a highly engaging activity involving play dough! Animal Sort Smash Mats is a set of 23 smash mats focusing on animals! Just print, laminate, and grab a tub of play dough! Smash mats are versatile! If you don't have play dough, grab dry erase markers or tokens. Cover the animals with the tokens or mark each item as you find it! Each animal habitat has three types of smash mats - one with 10 different animals, one with 5 animals repeated twice for lower functioning students, and one contrasted with animals from another habitat. Two bonus mats are also included with a mix of multiple habitats on one mat! Students can make a spinner with a pencil and a paperclip and spin to find which type of animal to cover! Teach vocabulary, categories, and what doesn't belong! What's included: 7 different habitats •Arctic Animals •Basic Arctic Animals •Arctic or Farm •Farm Animals •Basic Farm Animals •Farm or Forest •Forest Animals •Basic Forest Animals •Forest or Zoo •Jungle Animals •Basic Jungle Animals •Jungle or Ocean •Ocean Animals •Basic Ocean Animals •Ocean or Pet •Pet Animals •Basic Pet Animals •Pet or Zoo •Zoo Animals •Basic Zoo Animals •Zoo or Arctic •Spin 'n Smash mixed mat •Spin 'n Smash mixed mat 2



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