Winter Language Comprehension

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What’s more fun than a snowball fight? Three decks of cards to practice different story comprehension skills can make speech therapy more fun! Use them with the provided Snowman Fight! game to motivate students even more.

What’s included

Deck 1: Includes 5 stories and “wh” questions regarding the story. Each story is printed on a large card, with what, when, where, who, why, and how cards that each contain 4 questions per story.

These cards can be modified for shorter story comprehension as the ‘wh’ questions target the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Deck 2: Includes 5 stories that target context clues, yes/no questions, and vocabulary. Each story provides is printed on a large card and contains a winter scenario. Students use context clues to answer comprehension questions about the story and understand new vocabulary. Two ‘wh’ questions for context clues, two yes/no questions, and two vocabulary questions pertain to each story.

Deck 3: Includes 8 stories to work on predicting and inferencing skills. Each story is printed on a large card and contains a basic winter scenario. Three smaller cards contain questions that require students to predict what will happen, and three cards require students to make inferences regarding the story.

Game: Snowman Fight! Help your snow friends win a snowball fight…this optional game can be used with any one of the Language Comprehension decks to motivate students. It includes: directions, game board, penalty snowball cards, movement cards, and five snowmen/women for optional player pieces. (Game can also be modified for any language target)


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December 20, 2013

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