Candy Corn Guess Who: An expressive language game

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A version of ‘Guess Who?’ to incorporate Halloween costumes on cute candy corn characters dressed up for trick-or-treating.

This game is designed to teach yes/no questions, descriptors/attributes, and understanding negation in therapy.

This game can be played with 2 or more players, simply print one game board per player. Instructions are included on how to adapt the game for extra players.

Basic gameplay involves each player choosing a card. This becomes “them” for the game. Players then take turns asking yes/no questions regarding each other’s character until only one character option is left. Based on the answer to each question, players cover up characters who do not fit the attributes of their partner. The first person to figure out who their partner is wins.

Language targets for Candy Corn Guess Who are receptive and expressive attributes/adjectives as students ask questions based on attributes of each character.

The game can also target receptive and expressive definitions by slightly altering gameplay. To target definitions, each player has to describe one of the characters without using the character name when it’s their turn. For example, it’s not allowed for a student to ask “Are you a mouse?” Rather, a player needs to describe it: “Are you an animal that eats cheese and gets chased by cats?”

Another language target is understanding negation and yes/no questions. It can be very difficult for language disordered students to understand when to cover characters depending on yes/no answers.

Print off and glue onto cardstock for added durability. Then, laminate the game and you can use dry erase markers instead of chips to cross off the characters that don’t fit the description.

Included in download
1 set of directions 1 set of character cards 2 game boards (simply print off additional copies for added players)
What you will need:
1 print out of character cards,
1 game board for each player,
and tokens/chips (not included).
Pre-teach describing the characters and practice vocabulary before playing the game. Continue the lesson by filling out a describing sheet after the game (print one per student). Further continuation could be done by creating a story about the candy corn characters, if so desired.
Question cue cards are also included to aid students in creating various types of questions and to aid in answering in complete sentences!

*If you do not laminate the game boards, you will need some kind of chips or markers to cover the candy corn who do not match the description.


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October 20, 2012

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